Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blog Neglect Is Not A Crime

Well, I can tell you without any doubt that I hate moving. I like the final result, but getting there is a nightmare. This space will probably collect a little more dust over the next couple weeks. But if I can get some time, I will throw some crap up.



Please give me a break. From the article..."The builder estimated the cat had been stuck in the walls at least three weeks."

Three weeks.

"Poor little thing. So sorry we built you into the house," Vano said.
Vano took the cat to a veterinary hospital, where he's being called Hal, because he was found just before Halloween. The homeowner hopes the cat's owner will come forward."

I'd like to add that the cat's owner can't come out, as they are in the concrete foundation.

Nebraska lost to Mizzou. That was a bummer. I find it pretty funny how people (morons) went completely insane over Terry Douglass' prediction picking Missouri over the Huskers. He was raked over the coals in a huge way. Odd that his name is not mentioned at all after the game...

Terry's prediction: Nebraska 21, Missouri 31.
Actual Score: Nebraska 24, Missouri 41.

I like Nebraska's chances against Hillbilly Nation this weekend. If someone could please fire up the O-line, that'd be great. Thanks.

The Pistons are 4-2 in the preseason. Whoo!

The White Sox did what the Cubs can't and won't do. Kudos to them.

...back to moving.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

More Dress Code Drama...

Well, some NBA players are throwing a hissy fit over the dress code.

The Pacers' guard, Stephen Jackson, said he thinks the NBA is afraid the league will be too "hip-hop". To the esteemed Mr. Jackson I say this: you aren't in the hip-hop industry, you are a basketball player. You can dress like that on your off time. I have a full time job, and can't wear a Nebraska Cornhusker t-shirt every day, because it's against dress code.

"But boss, it's who I am, it's part of my culture to wear clothes that supposedly define me!"

You're fired. Shut up.

Paul Pierce of the Celtics says "When I saw the part about chains, hip hop and throwback jerseys, I think that's part of our culture. The NBA is young black males.'' Your culture is not your clothes. And if it is, I'd start looking into a culture a little less focused on absolute retardation. I went into a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and every single employee was hispanic. However, I didn't see enchiladas, salsa, and burritos on the menu. In fact, none of them wore sombreros, either.

Allen Iverson of the 76'ers shows the most narrow view, "I feel like if they want us to dress a certain way, they should pay for our clothes,'' he said. "It's just tough, man, knowing that all of a sudden you have to have a dress code out of nowhere. I don't think that's still going to help the image of the league at all.''

Dude, the league HAS a bad image, and it's time to clean it up. Basketball is an awesome sport, and it pays you very well. And pay for your clothes? If I were an owner, and thank God for the players I am not, anyone refusing to follow the dress code will convert their salary for that season to the league minimum, and THEN I would buy their clothes for work. "They should pay for our clothes" indeed.

The NBA has gone downhill in almost every way. The attitudes above are a reason why.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NBA Dresscode

In what I think is a great move, the NBA has instituted a dress code for players. NBA commish David Stern defends it here.

In it "...players must dress in "business casual" attire, the league banned items such as sleeveless shirts, shorts, sunglasses while indoors, and headphones during team or league business.

The policy also requires players on the bench who are not in uniform to wear sport jackets, shoes and socks."

What is wrong with this policy? One player argues that it alienates the majority of the fan base. I argue that an excuse like that is horseshit. I think it sets an example.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

RIP Jason Collier

Jason Collier died in his sleep lastnight of a heart attack.

This is obviously a huge loss to the Collier family. The Atlanta Hawks have also suffered a loss of more than a player, they lost a guy of great character. While being with the Hawks for just a short time, Collier was quite active in local charity/community events. He had a reputation as a selfless guy.

His NBA future was bright. Rest in peace.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Golf Courses

I'm off to Colorado next week, and was wondering if anyone has been out to Centre Hills golf course?


Pistons 2-0

Detroit has taken down the Bulls and the Bucks in pre-season play thus far!

New coach Flip Saunders really has walked into an easy situation. The Pistons are an excellent team, and consistently put the team before egos. Saunders is obviously bringing the three-pointer back into the frey for Detroit. Billups sunk three of them in the third to give Detroit the lead.

Joe Dumars has really made some solid moves with this team, and Detroit should be in for another Finals run this year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Please go and read this. This guy has outstanding posts. An excellent preview to the NU/Baylor game.

Pistons Open With Win

Nice to see the Pistons open against a good Bulls squad with a win, 87-76. New head coach Flip Saunders has to be happy.

As you can see from the picture, however, not all went well. Chicago Bulls' center, Tyson Chandler, is doing something unspeakable with his right hand, causing Ben Wallace of the Pistons to scream out in anguish.

It is, however, only the first game, and the NBA swings more ways than a priest.

The Pistons were ahead pretty much the entire time. Former coach Larry Brown's New York Knicks open on the 15th.

It'll be an interesting season, even though the NBA, apparently, bores the crap out of some of my friends. JERKS! :-)

In Huskerland, it's Baylor this weekend. It's Nebraska's first game on the road this season, and I look for them to come out with a win over a stronger than normal Baylor team. Let's call it Nebraska 28, Baylor 14.

Armaggeddon, anyone?

Angelina Jolie has won a humanitarian award! This is great news for the "End Is Nigh" crowd.

From the article: The actress said her humanitarian work has been "the greatest thing in my life" aside from her two children.

The article failed to mention that coming in a close third was her hobby of "marriage-destroying".

Sure, Angelina's hot, in a "I bet she does things that would make Ron Jeremy blush" sort of way, but come on.

Other people considered for the award were Johann Straussesberg, who is a 47 year old medical worker. His accomplishments include donating over 3 million in personal funds towards aid, as well as saving 7 starving Ethiopian children from a lion attack. Experts think that because of his stout appearance, and lack of any real chin, he wouldn't look good accepting an award.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sweet Ride...

Well, I've been trying to get as much riding in as I can while the weather holds. The picture you see is my hobby. The only difference is mine is silver. I'm wishing I'd have gotten the blue, but that's life, and hindsight is always 20/20.

Right now I've named it the gas-saver, and once it gets colder, I'll call it the space-waster.

If you're considering buying a bike, buy this one! Nothing sounds like a Harley.


NBA preseason is here! The Pistons have a new coach, but return everyone.

Cleveland at Washington, 7:00
San Antonio at Miami, 7:30

Golden State vs LA Lakers at Honolulu Hi, 12:00 a.m.
Houston at Philadelphia, 7:00
Chicago vs Detroit at Grand Rapids Mi, 7:00
Orlando at Atlanta, 7:00
Indiana at New Jersey, 7:30
Boston vs Cleveland at Pittsburgh Pa, 7:30
Dallas at Sacramento, 10:00

Golden State vs LA Lakers at Honolulu Hi, 12:00 a.m.
Utah at Toronto, 7:00
San Antonio vs Philadelphia at Columbia Sc, 7:30
Milwaukee at Minnesota, 8:00
Chicago at Memphis, 8:00
Orlando at Houston, 8:30
Charlotte vs Atlanta at Birmingham Al, 8:30
Seattle at Portland, 10:00
Dallas at LA Clippers, 10:30

Milwaukee at Detroit, 7:30
New Jersey at Charlotte, 7:30
Utah at Indiana, 8:00
Washington vs San Antonio at Winston-Salem Nc, 8:30
New Orleans at Denver, 9:00

Memphis vs Miami at San Juan Pr, 7:30
Philadelphia at Cleveland, 7:30
Toronto vs Boston at Manchester Nh, 7:30
Minnesota at Indiana, 8:00
Phoenix at Seattle, 10:00
Sacramento at LA Clippers, 10:30

New Orleans vs Orlando at Tampa Fl, 7:00
New York vs New Jersey at Bridgeport Ct, 7:30
Charlotte at Miami, 7:30
Washington at Memphis, 8:00
Houston at San Antonio, 8:30
Boston at Chicago, 8:30
Cleveland at Milwaukee, 8:30
Portland vs Denver at El Paso Tx, 9:00
LA Clippers at Phoenix, 10:00

Maccabi Tel Avi at Toronto, 1:00
Dallas at New York, 6:00
Minnesota at Detroit, 6:00
Golden State at Sacramento, 9:00

Atlanta at Charlotte, 10:00 a.m.
Seattle vs Houston at Oklahoma City Ok, 8:30
Minnesota at Chicago, 8:30
Phoenix at Utah, 9:00

Philadelphia at New York, 7:30
Orlando at Miami, 7:30
Dallas at Detroit, 7:30
Atlanta vs New Orleans at Louisville Ky, 8:00
San Antonio at Indiana, 8:00
Denver at Sacramento, 10:00
LA Clippers at Portland, 10:00
Washington vs LA Lakers at Bakersfield Ca, 10:30

New Jersey at Toronto, 7:00
Memphis at Cleveland, 7:00
Maccabi Tel Avi at Orlando, 7:30
Chicago at Boston, 7:30
Detroit vs Milwaukee at Green Bay Wi, 8:00
LA Clippers at Seattle, 10:00
Phoenix at Golden State, 10:30

Cleveland vs Philadelphia at Trenton Nj, 7:00
Charlotte vs Washington at Los Angeles Ca, 7:30
San Antonio vs New Orleans at Bossier City La, 8:00
Indiana at Minnesota, 8:00
Utah vs Portland at Eugene Or, 10:00
Denver at LA Lakers, 10:30

Boston at Toronto, 7:00
Philadelphia at New Jersey, 7:30
New York at Dallas, 8:30
Milwaukee at Chicago, 8:30
Seattle at Phoenix, 10:00

Atlanta at Orlando, 7:00
Miami at Detroit, 7:30
New Jersey vs Boston at Uncasville Ct, 7:30
Houston at Memphis, 8:00
New York at San Antonio, 8:30
Minnesota at Milwaukee, 8:30
Sacramento at Portland, 10:00
Seattle at Golden State, 10:30

Toronto vs Cleveland at Columbus Oh, 6:00
LA Clippers at Dallas, 7:30
Washington at Houston, 8:30
Charlotte vs LA Lakers at San Diego Ca, 9:30
Phoenix vs Sacramento at Fresno Ca, 10:00

Portland vs Toronto at Winnipeg Manitoba, 7:00
Denver at New Orleans, 8:00
Orlando at Memphis, 8:00
Atlanta vs Miami at Nashville Tn, 8:00
LA Clippers vs Golden State at Missoula Mt, 10:30

New York at Philadelphia, 7:00
Boston at New Jersey, 7:30
Indiana at San Antonio, 8:30
Memphis at Chicago, 8:30
Milwaukee at Dallas, 8:30
Miami vs New Orleans at Baton Rouge La, 8:30
Utah vs LA Lakers at Anaheim Ca, 10:30

Indiana at Charlotte, 7:30
Cleveland at Boston, 7:30
Chicago at Minnesota, 8:00
Utah at Houston, 8:30
Milwaukee at Denver, 9:00
Toronto at Portland, 10:00
Sacramento vs Phoenix at Albuquerque Nm, 10:00

Miami at Orlando, 7:30
Memphis vs Atlanta at Chattanooga Tn, 7:30
Philadelphia at San Antonio, 8:30
Detroit at Dallas, 8:30
New Orleans vs Houston at Laredo Tx, 8:30
Golden State at Phoenix, 10:00
Seattle at LA Clippers, 10:30

New Orleans vs Atlanta at Columbus Ga, 7:00
New Jersey at New York, 7:30
Detroit at Minnesota, 8:00
Washington at Indiana, 8:00
Denver at Utah, 9:00
Portland vs Seattle at Spokane Wa, 10:00
Sacramento vs LA Lakers at Las Vegas Nv, 10:00


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nebraska Loses

Even after this loss, I am plenty enthused. Zac Taylor has such great poise, and for this team to play the way it did in the second half was great. A loss is a loss, and that sucks, but when you lose, do you lie down and take it, or do you fight your ass off to win the game? I saw some fighting on the field, and am proud of the Huskers.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


In his recent column, Kirk Herbstreit talks about Notre Dame, and I feel those comments could apply to Nebraska.

"Notre Dame has been an example of what a new head coach can do when he has the chance to put in his own system and teaches his team about what it takes to be a winner. The Irish have validated that with some big wins and head coach Charlie Weis has them playing with a lot of confidence. When you win a couple of big games, all of a sudden what Weis has been preaching no longer sounds like just talk."

Last year was convoluted for the Huskers. But this year, we ARE seeing results. Positive results leads to confidence, and that leads to elevated play.

Nebraska Versus Texas Tech

There is a lot of interest in this game, as last year the Red Raiders slapped the crap out of the Huskers to the tune of 70-10. Click the link to read an article that shows some good perspective from the Huskers.

Coach Bill Callahan says: "All the Knute Rockne pep talks before a game go out the window when that ball is kicked," coach Bill Callahan said. "We're not going to jump up and down and get mad about something. It's a different year, a different team, a whole different dynamic than a year ago."

Absolutely right. The Huskers are undefeated going into the game, we've seen a dramatic defensive improvement, and if the offense can replicate its ability to move the ball (and improve redzone play), Tech has its hands full. Texas texh leads the NCAA in points per game, but they also played a middle school, I think.

Bo Ruud: "Nobody intimidates us," he said. "You can sit there and work yourself into a frenzy. Right now we're doing what we've done every game. That means we're not going to talk trash in the media. We're trying to keep it on the level."

This is one reason I love Nebraska football. The media is quick to jump on any type of controversy, and Mr. Ruud lays it on the line quite nicely. Last season's debacle will not be repeated, and I am anxious to get this win under our belts.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Zac Taylor

It's nice to see Zac getting some national attention.

Against Maine: 15/36, 41.7%, 192 yds
Against WF: 14/33, 42.4%, 114 yds
Against Pitt: 10/20, 50%, 93 yds
Against Iowa State: 36/55, 65.5%, 431 yds

The only "surprise" here is receivers finally catching the ball. Those numbers say less about him, however, and more about the rest of the offense starting to come together. How many times this year has Zac thrown the ball dead on and it was incomplete? It was frustrating to watch, to be sure.I think the WCO doesn't have a happy medium in its cosmetics. This style of play is either great fun to watch, or it can be plain ugly.

Saturday's win over Iowa State was impressive. It's a riot to watch the "experts" who said we'd destroy them backpedal. Iowa State is like a lot of college football programs: they are notorious for playing to their level of competition. How was Iowa State's game last season before they played Nebraska? Face it, you play the Cornhuskers, and you need to step it up. Iowa State is a good team, no question, but what is missing for them is the ability to be consistent and lay down the hurt on people every week.

If the Huskers can keep up this kind of offensive improvement, and work harder at redzone scoring, the WCO will look even prettier. I like the option as much as the next guy, but I also know that I liked what I saw Saturday. From the sound of it, so did 80,000 others.

Zac Taylor is a field general, and that's been missing. I'm pleasantly surprised to see his poise.