Thursday, November 23, 2006

Larry King Style Ramblings

  • I love this holiday. Eating your ass off is an expectation. I'm comfortable with that.
  • The Huskers get to spank the crap out of the Colorado Buffaloes tomorrow. Huskers by a minimum of 2 TD's.
  • Borat. I saw it and enjoyed it very much. I didn't laugh at some of the spots that some people seemed to be urinating in their chairs over, but the movie was seriously freakin' funny.
  • It's 10:36 as I type this and just remembered I have to take out the garbage. Duh.
  • Former Russian spy gets poisoned!! Zzzzz.
  • I heard the new Bond flick was very awesome. I plan on checking that out this weekend.
  • My iPod is finally full. OF SHIT. I keep maybe the same 200 songs on it, and am constantly changing the rest. Since my wife got her own, I was able to remove the chick music, though. That's a plus.
  • MotoGP never sleeps! Next season sees the 800cc bikes take the stage, and the tests seem to be going well, with some times surpassing the old bikes! I hate waiting.
  • At the beginning of the season, I said the Huskers would lose 3 games. STAY ON IT, fellas.
  • I saw the new Fergie video today. :::cue Cineporn music here:::
  • Bush pardoned two turkeys! No, not Cheney and Rumsfeld.
  • Gears of War for the xbox 360 rules all that there is to rule.
  • I'm out, this garbage thing is makin' my eye twitch.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sports Predictions

You know, I think I am the only person on the planet who thinks that making sports predictions is a waste of time.

"But it's fun, dillrod!" you might say. To that I can agree to an extent. It can be fun when done with the right spirit intended. What cracks me up is the "ridicule factor".

For example, Nebraska plays Texas A & M this weekend IN Texas. My brother predicts A & M to roll over the Huskers. Others predict a Husker blowout. Many are predicting a close game.

Back to the ridicule factor. Unless you have been 100% correct in every prediction you've ever made, let's give the hypocrisy a break. Who really thought Rutgers would have the success they are seeing this season?

Sports should be about fun, entertainment, and *gasp* sportsmanship. When people take it so seriously that it negatively impacts others within their sphere of influence, then it speaks volume about that individual. Look at the recent Ohio State video of fans acting like idiots. Look at the Michigan fans throwing crap onto the field, hitting prospective recruits.

We've all done it at some point, and a lot of us look at our actions after the fact and realize that maybe we acted like an ass. I've done it and admit it. But when you see a video, like the one linked above, that should really make any overzealous fan stop and think for a second.

Have a safe weekend, and GO HUSKERS!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Buddy Cole: Patriot

Thanks for stopping by, let me finish up over here.

Ok, I'm all done. So Buddy Cole responded to my disgust-filled diatribe about the elections. The response had some very interesting points, so let's engage in a little call and response. Buddy's comments are in bold.

I agree with you on the negative ads. They are almost as annoying as fundraising time on NPR.

Or worse, the whispering they do on NPR. Can you imagine how lame a company party is at the studios there. "All Things Considered" my a$$.

I think a Democratic congress is a very good thing for us right now. This is an embattled president with six years of no oversight and it is time for some accountability.

Agreed about the accountability. However, a Congress led by either party will still engage in partisan politics.

I also believe that you have to take a little closer look at many of the democratic winners. The vast majority of change is coming from a conservative democratic base closer to the middle showing that perhaps we are not as divided as many in the media and the extremists would have us believe. I think the base of both parties wants a more central approach to governing while being allowed to differ on key ideals.

What the base of both parties want, and what the senior leadership in Washington deliver are two different things. You get career whack-jobs like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Howard "The Scream" Dean forcing their influence on the more moderate elected Reps/Senators, it won't take long for a few things to happen:

1.) The newly elected Democrats will fall in line with the old guard of insane partisan hacks.
2.) They will be one-term and out, because of their frustration in not being able to exact any real change.
3.) We will be able to thaw out Walt Disney!

I personally hope for number 3.

But I must say that on the whole we are not a divided nation. You can't take one part of our dynamic, such as politics, and come to the overwhelming all encompassing conclusion that this represents the true essence of America. State hundreds of conflicts within this country and without fail you will see at the core of every fight is our right to free speech. Show me division and I will show you the foundation of freedom upon which division proudly stands.

I agree with you. Allow me to clarify my stance: our politicians are most certainly divided, our press is certainly divided, and the biggest problem that presents is the influence it has on the people who are easily swayed. Politicians and "journalists" both are so far entrenched in their own agenda to realize that the division you speak of actually has hurt our country, and opens us up as a laughing stock to the international community.

So don't be disheartened because we are fighting. Rather, be emboldened that we care enough to fight because when we fight we so often get it right.

Is this a Springsteen lyric or something? Bonus points for using the word "emboldened". I feel like I need to donate money to a cause now. :)

Don't be distracted by the small minded extremists who prostitute their rights as a means of self promotion. Rather, look to the higher calling that speaks to the balanced soul.

This is more like a Neil Young lyric.

Don't be convinced by the talking heads on your television. Rather, be inspired by the daily affirmations we witness in the hearts of our family, our friends, and our neighbors.

Cheeseball as it sounds, I love the last sentence there. The only problem with that, is most people do not do this, they are too busy buying into the division our politicians and media create.

America is not found in the headlines. America is found in the faces of the people and those people live and love and fight and win and lose together.

God Bless America.

Buddy Cole for President!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Democrats Win!!


Who gives a rip. I mean, really. Between the democommies and the republican'ts, this country has such extreme levels of corruption, that it makes Antarctica look enticing.

The victory comes as no surprise, with the recent scandals, Iraq, and the fact that the Republican-led Congress has been the most do-nothing Congress in ages. The Republicans had zero chance in this election, and I think that is pretty evident to anyone who even watched the news once a month for the past two years.

Speaking of the news, it is more than sickening to watch Katie Couric get her chair all wet last night with the results coming in. I really felt like some soft saxophone/Cinemax After Dark type music would come on and Katie would start pleasuring herself. Can our news people at least PRETEND to be impartial?

Stuff that makes our country look stupid (believe me, this isn't even close to an all-inclusive list)...

1.) Negative campaign advertisements. Who should buy into these ads? Family, friends, or staff of the candidate, otherwise these ads are nothing but crap. I do not care about what the other candidate has done, or will/will not do, I want to know about what YOU will do.
2.) Vague plans. "I have a plan". I heard that exact sentence there, and that's where the commercial stopped on one person campaigning for some random meaningless seat. What is the plan? Guess what, I also have a plan. My plan is to note vote for you.
3.) Spin. Spin never ends in politics. Today, you had Democratic leaders promising a bipartisan approach to government. HUH? I'd rather not even hear that promise, and would rather just see it. At this point, when any politician says anything, it's a safe bet that what you are hearing is spin/damage control.
4.) Meet the Press. Will Russert please grow a pair? Everytime the guy asks a pointed question, he never gets a direct answer. EVER.

Tim Russert: Thanks for joining us, Congressman Rando. How are you doing?

Congressman Rando: Tim, there's more to this than people realize, when we take a look at the :::insert party name here::: policy, we are going to find that the :::insert other party name here::: are way behind the curve on this issue, and are trying to scare voters.

So what will it take to bring this divided nation back together? First of all, it'll never stay "together". Ever since our nation was founded, politics have been an ugly affair. But 9/11 brought about a couple days worth of unity. The only other thing that could bring about a more lasting positive relationship will be a huge disaster on our shores. No one wants a disaster, so here we sit in the playground of fools. The "beauty" of it? We keep electing them.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Husker Fans On The Internet

Greetings lurkers!

You know, it's no secret for regular readers that I've used some of this space to take many easy pot-shots at a select group of individuals. These pot-shots were more than easy, considering the audience. Lately, however, when I read some of the crap on various Husker boards, it is just plain disheartening.

Let's break it down...

1.) Fans who constantly criticize caoches.
2.) Fans who constantly criticize players.
3.) Fans who constantly, and quite blindly, defend coaches.
4.) Fans who constantly, and quite blindly, defend players.

That is an extremely broad-brush generalization. Some people criticize in a fair manner, others do not. Some people defend in a fair manner, while others don't. If you have spent any time at or, you'll see the constant barrage of actual hate. You can read it in the comments of this very blog with guys like Husker1911 wishing death upon my wife and daughter, or him stalking the admin of bighuskerfan, as well as anyone else who doesn't agree with his stance. There are numerous others who do the exact same thing.

At first, it was highly entertaining to watch these guys get riled up, because it is so easy to do. Nothing is more predictable than their reactions week to week regardless of a Husker victory or loss.

Loss = That win wasn't necessary/our players suck and our coaching schemes were superb.

It's as if they are on a constant lobbying effort for free tickets or jobs at the University.

Anyways, it's just getting old. The whole thing loses its steam when I get continued threats. What spurred this is a recent comment I did not publish that mentioned my home address, and my wife's workplace.

So enjoy your hate-filled diatribes, your internet stalking, and your superiority complexes. It's crossed a line into actual threats. Forget just the personal information, that part is not a big deal in and of itself, we've gone into territory that is ridiculous.

This blog will continue on, and I will have future point/counter-points, Husker thoughts, MotoGP, and other random crap. I'm just tired of dealing with guys like Husker1911, who would love to see my wife and daughter dead.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hayden Takes Crown, Huskers Go Down

WOW. That sums up the 2006 MotoGP season for me.

Two weeks ago, Dani Pedrosa slid into his Repsol Honda teammate Nicky Hayden, taking them both out of that race, and taking Hayden out of the lead in the championship point standing. This all but paved the way for Valentino Rossi to win his 832nd championship in a row. Rossi is arguably the best rider in the world. Dani Pedrosa had a tall order ahead of him. Early in the race, Pedrosa was one place ahead of Hayden, went wide on a turn, and signaled Nicky ahead of him. Pedrosa then kept the competition away from Hayden the rest of the race. Hayden places 3rd, giving him enough points to regain the points needed to win the 2006 World Championship.

What about Rossi? He had the pole position. Good question. Rossi wiped out early, but sprung up, took the bike back on the track, and FINISHED THE RACE. Noble effort by Rossi.

This was an exciting season, to be sure, and my first season following this sport. I eagerly await March, when the 2007 season rolls out in Qatar.

This pic says it all…Rossi congratulating Hayden after the race.

The Huskers. Where to begin? Well, after the choke job to Oklahoma State, Missouri is up next. All I can really say is that 4 full quarters of ball need to be played, and we can’t play with complacency. The only hilarity is watching the Nazi board blow up at each other. “Don’t get cute with me.”