Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gimme Two!

Here are two reasons to watch American Idol...

Hoo boy.

Anyway, let's answer some mail! These are e-mails from people who apparently are not comfortable leaving a public comment.


Your blog is gay and so are you. Rot in hell.

This was unsigned, and I will refrain from posting the non-descript e-mail address. That said, I enjoyed your comments! Hopefully you will write more, as your scintillating banter is certainly witty and not hate-filled. I also hope that when you get out of prison/your mom's basement you will have turned that frown upside down.

Steve- What do you think of Beck's play so far this spring?

I can only go off of reports I read on the net or the paper since I seem to have misplaced my invitation to practice, but from what I have read, the guy, while talented, isn't quite ready to take the keys and drive by himself. What I wonder is how the guys who projected him to be the next coming of Christ feel (besides the general excuses). Naturally he will continue to develop in the system, but I can't see him breaking many records at Nebraska.

Dude Fergie is steaming hot.

I am going to go out on a limb here and agree with that. They'll be in Chicago soon. I'm sure all the scantily clad Fergie wannabes will be in attendance trying to figure out just what they will do with all that junk. All that junk insi-dat trunk.

Pistons will lose to San Antonio in the finals this year. Just so you know.

Listen bub, call me and my blog gay. Stalk me, create fake usernames on my defuct message board, but this? I mean, come on.

Seriously, if that's how we end up (SA and DET), it's going to be a great series. Home court advantage could mean everything here. Detroit's record at home is awesome. The Spurs are no slouch, either. Look for Phoenix to step it up in the off-season. I base that on Nash's ability to lead, and the fact that I just want the Lakers to take a wrong turn on the way to the playoffs, and end up in Fallujah.