Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guilty: Two Counts of Blog Neglect

My good friend Ryan has reminded me that I suck. He did so in a tactful, sensitive manner as to not force me to go off the deep end, climb the clock tower, pour gasoline over my entire person and dive into a crowd of smokers, or watch Oprah.

That said, I am serving time for blog neglect. In Iowa, it's a 2-strike rule. Fortunately, they allow me to repent for 23 minutes per day as I wait for my lethal injection.

So what the hell? Good question.

The Office: Hilarious, as always. I still have never missed an episode. If I don't catch it when it is on, I watch that sucker later. It's a tough show to jump into unless you've seen 'em all. So if you try this show on my suggestion, and dive into it late, and have no idea what is going on, then screw you. I mean that nicely, in a loving "screw you" sort of way. One that isn't followed up with me shoving you down a flight of stairs.

Heroes: I enjoyed this show very much until this season. I am trying to enjoy it still. This last week's episode was a step in the right direction. SPOILER SPACE: (that's all the spoiler space you get, please refer to the aforementioned "screw you" scenario). Anyway, Hiro has gone from being naive, yet noble to an idiot. Peter Petrelli? Naive and noble and also now an idiot. Suresh? One of the best characters on the show, now also an idiot. The only redeeming quality in the season is Sylar. Pretty bad when your show's indiscriminate psychopath is the most reasonable, and least apt to fly off the handle. Harsh review? Maybe. I just expect great things from this show, and hope they turn it around.

Chuck: Best hour on TV.

My Own Worst Enemy: This Christian Slater vehicle is auto-biographical, apparently. Just kidding. It's actually surprisingly good so far (2 shows in). I have yet had the desire to launch anything or anyone valuable at the TV while watching it.

MotoGP: Thank God for Valentino Rossi. He is the 2008 champ, and deservedly so.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers: Missouri kills us at home. Ouch. What was worse was Virginia Tech, for me, as that was a game we were in, and should have won. Texas Tech beating us in OT is another one I can accept (I mean, come on, it's not like I have a choice, sitting here in cell block 2814). Baylor Saturday could be tricky, as Baylor isn't a great team, but they are not exactly the junior high team they used to be. We need to beat Baylor, K-State, and Colorado. Absolutely need to.

Lindsay Lohan: Not hot, never was hot, never will be hot. Her being with another chick doesn't make her hot. Salma Hayek and Kate Beckinsale? I'm on board.

Dream Theater released a new 3 CD set along with a couple of DVD's...unbelievable as always.

Okay, it's nighty night time. There is a line behind me of other people waiting to use this computer. Besides, if I am not back in the cell by a certain time, my bunkmate starts trading me for a carton of cigs, and that isn't fun the first 13 times, I doubt it gets more fun from here on out.