Saturday, October 13, 2007

R.I.P. To Nebraska

Happy Saturday! Anything going on today? Not much here. I played some Halo 3. Oh yeah! Nebraska had a severe beating today, courtesy of Oklahoma State.

At home.


I have been a defender of Callahan since he came on board. What we've seen is the complete destruction of the Cornhusker football program.

What happened? Well, anyone who reads this blog knows the history of how we came to be where we are now. I have no interest in revisiting that crap, because it's a waste of breath. Sure, I am technically typing...but you get the drift.

I am not at practices. I do not have an "inside source". From what I can see, I can tell you that it isn't motivation. The majority of the players are not motivated, and the coaches do not seem motivated. When you get blasted like we have all season long (even against Ball St.), save Nevada, you have got to start looking at all facets of the program.

1.) Coaching. This is the most stubborn staff I have ever seen. If adjustments are made, they are made too late. Football is a game of both proactive and reactive behavior. When our defense, especially, keeps pulling the same crap week after week, reality rears its ugly head. Now that the offense has stalled out for 2 straight weeks, hopefully accountability will follow.
2.) Players. We have a very talented group of individuals. Therein lies the problem. This is a team sport, and these kids made the choice to play for Nebraska. When your defensive captain turns in his Blackshirt to set an example, and no one follows, a coach should be stepping in to show his captain that he has his back. There are lots of unverified rumors about players who are not content with the coaches. If that is the case, and you are playing horribly because you dislike your situation, that's sad.
3.) AD Steve Pederson. After his incredibly horrible "process", in which he admits he wishes he'd done it differently, his job will be on shaky ground if he continues to hide in the bunker and not be a decisive leader. I tried not to giggle when I typed that last sentence.

This will be the longest season I have ever experienced as a life-long fan.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The World Champ is a Stoner, Go Huskers!


Casey Stoner wraps it up! The young Australian dominated all year, and with just a few races left, he has gained the necessary points to win it. Stoner is a great rider, and the switch this year to Ducati has obviously been a successful venture for both parties. This week the riders hit Motegi, Japan. Kudos to Nicky Hayden for having the fastest lap in practice. The rest of the season here will be a blur, as I am pumped about MotoGP adding another date in the States next year. Indianapolis is now on board, investing millions to the track itsself to bring in the world's premier motorcycle race.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Defensive Woes Continue

Okie dokie, the Huskers are 4-1. Good news, right? We have only lost to USC, and they are number one! If that is the snapshot you prefer to look at, then the news is great. That said, our defense has allowed approximately 86,392 yards so far this season. Ok, that's obviously an exaggeration, but they say "defense wins championships". Our defense had some key plays last week against Iowa State, but still gave up well over 400 yards. AGAINST IOWA STATE.

Hang on a second here...IOWA STATE.

The schedule from here on out isn't exactly a cakewalk. Missouri is on deck next Saturday, and it will not be easy. I think it will be a high scoring affair, and am picking NU over Missouri 42-35 (because God knows you have to make a pick, you aren't a real fan if you don't). Cosgrove can start tightening his crew up now. He is the defensive coach, and the accountability of bad play lies with him.