Thursday, June 15, 2006

Open Letter To "Rod"

Recently I was on a message board watching some flamers (no, not the gay kind), and saw this link...

"Rod", I gotta tell ya, while you are spot-on, maybe coaches and AD's should not be bothered with stupid crap like this? A couple reasons why...

1.) We need to remember that the message board in question is completely easy to trap/make look stupid. Their members are predictable in every way. Example: Frank Solich and his GHB claim. It was only a matter of time before someone started exploiting and making fun of the drug. They think they are making fun of Solich, but any woman who has been brutally raped while under the influence of said drug may not find cutesy avatars saying "Got GHB" so cute. That's the beauty of these guys. They are extremists, and nothing is easier than making an extremist make an ass out of himself.
2.) Elevated self-importance. The aforementioned nutjobs also believe they are, alone, the saving grace of Husker nation, and everyone else is garbage. When you send a letter to a coach and an AD, I really think you are enabling their delusions of grandeur.

Again, spot on with your observations, but let's keep it where it belongs: on message boards (plural) that no one at Nebraska athletics gives a rip about. Any administrator worth ANYTHING would do well to distance themselves from people who make fun of date-rape drugs, alcoholism (as that could potentially alienate the majority of the "TV" fan-base), and are so utterly vulgar, that it would make most hookers hanging out at 25th and Farnam blush.

Piece of advice, "Rod": get on a board somewhere and rile 'em up. I joined a board with a lot of these yahoos on it, and it was fun watching them self-destruct. Perspective is valuable, and it's important to keep it when dealing with people who haven't had a date with a female. Ever.