Monday, August 07, 2006

Harrison Beck

Harrison Beck is apparently having some issues that could impact his future as a Husker.

Article here...

He is back home in Florida, and the team is practicing without him. Beck is done, IMO, and will not be returning.

1.) Coach Callahan should not let him back.
2.) Harrison's mom, who is making comments left and right, needs to be aware of how shooting your mouth off can inhibit his son's career.

The next time he sets foot into a locker room, how many "mom" jokes do you think he will encounter? Hopefully about a million. The kid, whom many message board nerds had virtual orgasms over, is getting a lot of grief from the same orgasm-having nerds.

This is why people shouldn't get all fired up about athletes until they prove themselves. Especially 18 year-olds with high Rivals rankings. :::yawn::: Some kids do not have the maturity level to handle the life decisions they are making without adverse reaction. Beck's reaction to not being the starter is absolutely immature, and all his mother is doing is amplifying feelings she is getting from her son. People slamming his mom also need to slam Beck himself. She isn't picking her comments out of the air, and then he is mysteriously disappearing from practices.

A recent thread about Beck on a message board was an absolute laugh riot...

On July 26th, columbushusker writes "i say he will be 3rd string. i just have a feeling that he is a washout and will never be anything. i dunno just something about him makes me think he will not play this year."

Well, we can't have statements like that!!! Just ask these guys...

Huskerbo: I don't understand why a fan would "get a feeling" that one of their players would be a washout and then proceed to tell everybody that. I don't think I have ever seen a player dumped on so quickly and deemed a failure with so little evidence-and many of these comments come from supposed fans of his team. The attitude some people are taking towards him I find rather disgusting and is NOT how fans should act.

It is disgusting. It's almost as disgusting as not allowing someone to have an opposing viewpoint. Not quite, mind you, but close.

SCVHusker: Ok, I have you marked down as one who will NOT join the bandwagon when he becomes a leader of this team.

So is columbushusker taken off that list yet? SCV, let me know when Beck leads this team. I will mark you down as one who has no idea what the hell he is talking about.

Ankeny Husker Freak: Because the negativity has got to stop. Why some of you have this anomisty towards Bill Callahan, his staff, and players is beyond me. Those who constant question Coach Callahan, his staff, and players on every little thing, come across to me as being "you'll never accept what Coach Callahan and his staff accomplishes because it's not done the "Nebraska way", whatever that is and you, Columbus and others feel like you can get away with it because you conclude your asinane & negative comments with "I hope i'm wrong". Well guess what, you shouldn't get away with and like I said before, huge kudos to those who've called Columbus out on his stupid & negative comments.

Yeah, columbus!! You shouldn't get away with it!! Maybe you should have the shit knocked out of you! How about chopping off your pinky finger!!!! No wait, maybe you should be forced to wear a dress in public!! No, no!! Wait!! You should douse yourself with gasoline in the middle of a crowded shopping mall!! Better yet, maybe you and YOUR mom should be the ones to die a painful death. That's more like it, and it would then be consistent.

Optimism is the same thing as hypocrisy to the BRB types. Only THEIR optimism is allowed, and as opposed to trying to sway someone's opinion through optimism and logic, they do it in attack format. Yeah, that's something to be proud of. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they are the same guys who had their asses handed to them in every aspect of their lives, and are simply taking it out on people anonymously. So columbus and others, remember that when they are baiting you, they would never in a zillion years have the nads to do it to your face, it's why they are "Internet Tough Guys". It's like having a 2 month old crack baby yelling at you. It can't help itsself.

The angst of Husker fans on the internet is like going to a Nine Inch Nails concert.

Let this be a lesson, folks: you can't ever have any opinion different from those who are wiping off their monitors due to excess protein discharge whilst slappin' it to Nebraska's Athletic Director. If you do, they will show you optimism through force. You know, like a concentration camp.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Miami Vice

When I heard that they were making this movie, I cringed. Look at Starsky & Hutch, Dukes of Hazzard, and so on.

Say what you want about the fashion-sense of the 80's, the original Vice had stories that were dark, intense, and rarely had any cheesy happy endings.

When I saw the casting for this movie, that was a start. It's not like they cast Adam Sandler as Crockett and (insert Wayans brother here) as Tubbs. That would have thrown the movie on the list of "never see" for me. When I heard that Michael Mann was in charge, I started feeling even better about it. Mann, if you'll recall, was also in charge of the TV show.

I hit the theater a little early for the 10:20 showing. As I am watching people file out of the theater, the mood seemed fine. No gut-busting laughter, etc.

In a nutshell, this movies was excellent. Dark and intense from the beginning until the end. Colin Farrell had a brief bout with another accent early in the film, but was very solid in the movie. Jamie Fox was also awesome in his performance. That, and there were no pastels, or sock-less loafers. I am not sure what kind of Ferrari was used, but it looked like the F430. I suppose I could do some research on it, but that would require some effort.

This was not a campy spin-off of a TV show that makes you wonder why Hollywood is not the victim of relentless air-bombing. This was a well thought out story that paid homage to a series that was ground breaking in its serious tone/approach to counter the typical buddy cop crap that still persists in movies today.

See it.