Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Husker Track, Football

Congrats to Scott Wims for running a 21.07 200, a regional-qualifying performance. The guy is a freshman! Some good speed!

In my previous blog, my feelings are summed up quite nicely about the NFL draft. That said, best of luck to the Huskers selected. As a college fan only, the NFL is pretty meaningless to me, but the college players who want to elevate themselves need to perform, hence making the college game more fun to watch. So again, well done to the Huskers moving up to the big leagues!

I can't wait for the season to start. I grow weary of reading message boards that complain about every tiny nuance of the game. In fact, I am convinced that unless you are anything but a blind loyalist, reading the drivel on boards will drive you insane. Take the Quadtards, for example, on Huskerpedia: HuskerNCorpus, unmartin, Root4NU, and kdog. Or replace them with a lot of other fans 18-27. Age isn't the problem as much as it is the "know-it-all" mentality. Every board has that. When you come across as a pompous, arrogant prick, normal people that aren't eager to give you a reach-around aren't going to take anything you say seriously.

Personally, I like being a pompous, arrogant prick who is at least honest about the program, good and bad. You can't be neutral on a Husker message board, it seems. If you are, you are assigned a side anyway. So goes the message board world. Lots of great info to share, that quickly deteriorates into garbage.

How about the schedule next year? Let's predict now while there is nothing else to do!

09/01 Nevada: Win. Come on. Nevada?
09/08 @ Wake Forest: Could be a good early season game, but Huskers take it.
09/15 Southern Cal: Loss. Sorry, I love the Huskers, but beating USC ain't in the cards.
09/22 Ball State: Ha! Ball State will be slapped. Hard.
09/29 Iowa State: Closer than the kool-aid crowd would have you believe, but the disarray with the Cyclones will lead to another Husker win.
10/06 @ Missouri: Great game, Huskers by a TD.
10/13 Oklahoma State: Huskers.
10/20 Texas A&M: Close game here, but it's at home, and the Huskers will take it.
10/27 @ Texas: Texas wins.
11/03 @ Kansas: Huskers come into Kansas a little pissed and slap them around.
11/10 Kansas State: Oh the irony if we lose this one at home. We won't.
11/23 @ Colorado: Huskers, and I will go on record and predict a minimum of 45 pieces of debris hitting the field.
12/01 Big 12 Champ: We lose to Texas.
X / X Bowl game: who knows.

3 losses, and I'm not picking the bowl. I can certainly live with that.

Others are talking about this being the "do or die" year for Callahan. I don't think so. Bill Callahan is a much smarter man than his boss, and his improvement both with himself and with the team are easy to see.

I do like the schedule in coming years. Hopefully we can get Need A Pen Community College on there, too.