Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Somebody Wake Up This Blog!

Holy crow! It seems as if I have been gone for a long time. To the 7.4 readers out there, my apologies. There is MUCH to cover, so let's get with it.

Moto GP

Well the season has been fun, but it's being dominated by the 21 year-old Australian, Casey Stoner. Since switching over to Ducati, he's been hard to catch. He also is just plain good on the bike. Last year apparently wasn't indicative of his talents. I never would have predicted Stoner would be where he is today. Stoner is not without competition, because on his tail is the Italian phenom, Valentino Rossi. Here are the standings...

  1. Casey Stoner 185 points
  2. Valentino Rossi 164
  3. Dani Pedrosa 119
  4. John Hopkins 94
  5. Chris Vermeulen 88
  6. Marco Melandri 87
  7. Colin Edwards 75
  8. Alex Barros 69
  9. Nicky Hayden 57
  10. Loris Capirossi 57
Reigning world champ, Nicky Hayden is having a rough year. I really thought he'd pull off a trip to the podium last week before crashing out. France and England were the wettest tracks I've seen.


It's the most boring off-season ever. Some good recruits coming in...typical of the staff. Let's hope we can retain some and have them make a difference on the field. Maurice Purify's DUI is the only real off-season story people are giving attention to, right or wrong. So he ties Solich with numbers of DUI's, right?


BUSY. Step off. I hate airports.


Two. Live Free or Die Hard and the new Fantastic Four movie.

The Fantastic Four: LOTS of fun. Much better than the first one, and I liked the first one (sorry Buddy). So the Silver Surfer...excellent CGI here, and it was voiced by none other than Morpheus. I kept waiting to hear him offer the Human Torch a red pill or a blue pill, and then ask him retarded questions like: "What IS reality?"

Anyway, this movie was more of what the first one should have been, good old-fashioned FF fun. Great interplay between the cast, and Johnny Storm was hilarious. I give this 4 out of 5, through my kaleidoscope of movie critiques. (Damn you, Buddy Cole!!) Once Buddy sees it, I would like to revisit this topic...

Live Free or Die Hard: I saw it last night, and was VERY happily surprised. After the third one, I wasn't expecting much, and thought it might be too "smarmy" for me. But for the first time in a long time, I saw an action movie with that big 80's feel, and still had a good story. Some things are just not plausible at all, but I didn't go expecting the freakin' Godfather. I wanted to see Bruce Willis ice some dudes.

More to come, my schedule is lighter.