Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Allergic To November

Hi Husker fans! What's new?

Bo Pelini is new. Bill Callahan is gone. Tom Osborne is interim Athletic Director. Those prior events aren't listed in order. FYI.

I am bittersweet over the Callahan thing. It was my hope that he could work out. His inability to adapt, be it staff adjustments (defensive) or even in-game adjustments, exposed his shortcomings.

I am pleased as all get out in regards to Tom Osborne being in place. Pederson ended up being a nightmare, and now he is back at Pittsburgh. More power to Pitt, as they will need all the luck they can get their hands on.

Pelini is getting his staff in place, and I think that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are in for some exciting years. Pelini is the kind of guy that inspires players, and aside from glimpses of inspired play the last few years, I hope Pelini can get us there consistently.

Welcome back, Coach.