Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bob's Burgers

Two years!  Man, I need to fire someone around here.
Recently, I was in a Netflix-induced haze, and decided to try something different.  After all, there is only so many hours in the day, and actually doing something productive is absolutely out of the question.  So after trying 13 minutes of Warehouse 13, I went for Bob's Burgers.  This show is actually entertaining!

Bob runs a burger joint with his wife and three kids.  Child labor laws aside, Bob has hard time getting customers, and shenanigans ensue.  Here is the character rundown...

Bob.  See above.
Linda is Bob's wife and is a good-natured weirdo.
Tina is the eldest child, and is obsessed with boys, but is super-awkward.
Gene is the only boy, and between him and Chris Griffin, they might have an IQ of 60.
Louise is the youngest, most devious, and is voiced by Kristen Schaal.  Funniest character on the show.

Anyways, watch it if you have already tried watching horrible shows.  This one will surprise you.

See you in 2016, suckers!!!