Monday, September 25, 2006

Capirossi Wins In Japan, Rossi Second

Loris Capirossi and his Ducati takes Japan again in what was an excellent race. Capirossi had the pole position, and was never out of first place. The battle beyond that was very interesting.

Nicky Hayden had another bad start, and the leader in points for the World Championship had his second week in a row trying desperately to place as high as possible.

He was battling for 5th place, and on the last lap, Nakano crashes, giving Hayden the 5th spot.

Pretty bad luck for Nakano, the hometown hero.

Valentino Rossi and Marco Melandri had a great battle for 2nd. Melandri was in 2nd for the majority of the race, went wide on a corner, and that allowed Rossi the room he needed to pass him a short time later.

Rossi, pictured right, is probably the most fun to watch, and bears a creepy resemblance to Mango from Saturday Night Live.

Two more races left this season.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Love Letters

Well, I've sat on some comments recently, and because I sat on them too long, I figured they'd be stale in their original locations. So let's address them. I miss Husker1911 threatening my wife and daughter, though. He must be too busy bird watching.

Here we go!

SteveIsAbitch writes:

You are an arrogant prick. Go find another team to root for.

Dear SteveIsAbitch,

Thanks for the heartfelt comments. It's responses like this that only serve to encourage me. But you already know that. I know it tears you up that I'm not a "Solichista", and that I am a Callahan/Pederson fan. You'll learn to adapt after you're done spanking it in your parents' basement.

anonymous writes:

What would happen if you got hit head on in traffic? Personally we'd all be better off.

Dear anonymous,

That's an excellent question! How fast am I going, as well as the oncoming traffic? Am I wearing a seat belt? Does either of the cars have armor plating? If so, which ones? I'd love to run this scenario further with you. E-mail me at so we can chat about it further.

Another anonymous wrote:

Die, stupid fucker.

Dear anonymous,

You are a wordsmith. Happy holidays!

anonymous writes (everyone else posted anonymously, for the record):

Do you use your blog to compensate for a small peter?

Dear anonymous,

Really? I mean, that's it? First of all, who uses "peter"? Secondly, when you have to resort to small wang jokes, it's time to either take a break from the internet, or hit google for some better insults. I expect better next time. Step it up.

anonymous #3874 writes:

Try not to get your ass beat when you least expect it.

Dear anonymous,

Did you know your IP matches our "Die, stupid fucker" friend?

Anyway, I will certainly try not to. I know that you are an ITG (Internet Tough Guy), and you have an image to maintain, so I will help...

Oh please don't beat me up you sackless nutguzzler!! (I'm not above sophomoric profanity, FYI).

...was that better?

anonymous writes:

Stick to motorcycle racing, it's clear you hate the Huskers.

Dear anonymous,

Okay. Seriously. Point to any single post on here, or anywhere, that shows I "hate the Huskers". Let me know when you find some links. You need to remember, you are not a Husker. Neither are the rest of the malcontents that post on my blog. You're gutless bitches who are clueless as to what being a Husker fan is all about. You're either mid-90's bandwagoners, or old creepy bird-watching freaks who are trying to find friends on the internet because in real life you're a social retard.

Yet another anonymous writes:

At least on BRB (Steve note: that's bigredboard) we don't trash the Huskers, ever. Can you say the same about you and your brother?

Dear anonymous,

First off, unless it's Bo Ruud, right? Anyway, I once again challenge you to point out where I personally have trashed the Huskers. I don't speak for my brother, as he can speak for himself.

I look forward to more whiny anonymous threats, etc.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Implosions, Melandri Wins

First off, congrats to USC for their victory against Nebraska Saturday. They are an excellent team, and the better team won, without question.

Secondly, visit almost any Husker message board to watch some of the most hilarious infighting on the planet. You have the crowd who is questioning the playcalling. There is also the normal bunch who goes batsh!t at ANY type of criticism. The funniest part is that even objective criticism makes one a "Husker hater". I love that the Knights of Husker Nation are so righteously defending the honor of the program that they continue to use their Nazi-like tactics on people with any different opinion. Be glad bigredboard doesn't own a gas chamber. If they did, you know Adolph Train Wreck and Osama bin Hardcharger would be using it.

I wanted Nebraska to win as much as the next guy, they didn't, and the world did not end. They will beat Troy next week, and receive their next biggest challenge this season against the Longhorns. They could lose that game, too. And to that I say B.F.D.

I want one thing to come from this loss: learning from it. Is it a huge surprise USC won? Hell no it isn't. Nebraska came out there, followed the gameplan set before them, and it didn't work. It didn't work because *GASP* USC is a much better football team. We adjust the gameplan(s) going forward and focus now on Troy.

I'd say "calm down" to Husker fans, but then I would lose the entertainment value of reading the hilarity on all the message boards.

Melandri Takes Australia

Marco Melandri looked awesome in the rain, taking first in the Australian Grand Prix. Valentino Rossi placed third. He was running in 4th place until the final turn. Nicky Hayden had the pole position, but moved back to 16th after a bad start. He finished 5th, and still is leading in points for the world championship.

This was a crazy race, and the rain was coming down pretty good until the last few laps.

Moto GP cameramen suck, that much is certain. Japan is next!

Friday, September 15, 2006


I'd like to welcome the ladies visiting the blog from...

Don't bother clicking it. It goes to a hidden forum that is not publicly viewable.

Apparently the Count/Pointercount from November is popular. I'm sitting on a couple interesting comments left lastnight. I'm debating on whether I publish them or not. Seriously, the whole threat of physical violence by BRB members is...

A.) Overdone.
B.) Bogus and empty, since none of them have the balls to do jack besides jack each other over the net.

Enjoy the weekend, and GO BIG RED! I say we beat USC in a squeaker.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Plug-o-rama, Misc. Crap

There is a new Husker board out there. This one is created by my brother.

"But Steve, don't you have your own message board?"

Good question, and thanks for asking. I do have my own board. It is, however, a private board with absolutely no new members considered. The objective for his new Husker board is explained in the link. Let the pot stirring commence!

NU vs. USC

Nebraska plays USC this weekend, and, IMO, that's when the season starts. After playing a couple middle schools, we get the first challenge of the season. NU has all the tools needed to win this game. It IS funny to see other people on message boards guaranteeing a victory for the Huskers on Saturday. Sorry, but this one is too close for me to start proclaiming victory. Can we win? Yes. Will we? I have no idea. It was a tad easier predicting insanely huge blowout victories the last two weeks, but the Huskers haven't been challenged.

While I have no idea, I'm picking the Huskers to win anyway, because I can, minus the cocky arrogance that others exhibit.


In Moto GP news, Italy's Valentino Rossi takes Malaysia in an awesome race. It came down to the last lap, with Rossi taking the lead and the win. Nicky Hayden of the U.S. is still out in front in the standings, but at this point, it's all up for grabs. Moto GP racing is a lot of fun to watch, and the races do not last for 827 hours. They go 21 laps, and on bikes that are pushing 180-200 MPH, it doesn't take long.


I am enjoying the tone of the comments on the blog, as of late. Laced with insults and threats of violence, it's turning into a real love-fest! Speaking of which, BRB psychopath, husker98765, seems to have a real passion for role-playing games...check out some of those awesome items! LOL! The irony couldn't be more delicious.

Regardless, I anxiously await more insults.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ah, the F.U.N.

Some excellent quotes today.

"Robbie" over at bighuskerfan writes the following drivel...

I've never wanted the Huskers to lose. Your implication that I did is insulting, but understandable considering the source. You're the one rewriting history. I'm the one that lived it.

He's having some internet HHF (huffy hair-flip) with some rando on that board.

The best part of his quote is what his wife said a few years back...

"Yes, we are now 8-2. Call me a Frank Basher but quite frankly, I would rather lose out if it means that NU will get a new HC. My nightmare is that the season will end and Frank will keep his job. Forever more we will be subjected to Frank/Barney ball.” Guenther

Guenther/Virginia is Robbie's wife. Must have been hard in their household with his wife harboring such insulting thoughts. Hope he didn't beat her.

Robbie/Bob/RTB/oldsoldier gets 5 out of 5 cans of Slim Fast for being such a fuckwit.