Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Since the outbreak of bubonic plague here at the SBG offices, the mail has been stacking up. Let's get right to it.


You are a (insert expletive here).

Please write in with something newsworthy next time. I KNOW.

What do you think of (Valentino) Rossi driving a Ducati?

I think Rossi could drive a moped and have a shot at winning.

Hey man, I haven't seen you on Huskermax, what gives?

It's pretty simple, really. Two of the moderators, Red Reign and Chitownhusker, are the biggest tool-bags you'll ever encounter. Max is a great guy, but his moderator choices are pretty bad. Moderators of a high-traffic board should not act like 12 year old schoolgirls, who get their feelings hurt if you question anything they do. Huskermedic isn't any better. He's a tech nerd with no people skills. I post on 4 other Husker boards, BigHuskerFan, Huskerpedia, Huskerfanclub, and Bigredboard (tee hee) and on the first three boards I mentioned, they all know how shitty the mods on HM are. Once Red Reign and Chitown stop wearing panties and sticking their heads up each others' asses, that place would be a lot better. I know of 7 total people who would join but won't. There are a ton of great posters on HM, though.

Do some more point, counterpoints!!

FINE, I will! :)

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Trainwreck said...

Thanks for the info Steve. You rawk!