Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book 'em

There is a new Five-0, I know.  This is Five-O.  See the difference?  The new show, whose second season debuts on Monday night, has a zero, while the old show has a capital "O".  Normally that should be all I need to say, but I'll go on.

Thanks to some recent medical issues, I've been laid up (day 70 with a broken back).  When I saw that the original Hawaii Five-O series was available on Netflix Instant Queue, I wanted to jump up and down!  Instead, I opted to move my neck a little bit, and say "Huh, cool!"

My brother Todd and I would watch the original Five-O all the time back in the day.  This show, while not near as fast-paced as the new Five-0, holds up very well with great writing, and a non-cheese approach to the show.  For example, there would be no Ponch and John type endings where everyone starts laughing at some poor fall guy in the final scene only to freeze frame on the hijinx.  With Jack Lord's Five-O, it was no-nonsense, gritty police work. 

If you haven't seen this, or it's been a long time, slap this sucker in your instant queue and enjoy.

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